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Microsoft (MS) Power BI Course Noida

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Microsoft (MS) Power BI Training Course in India


Certification will be delivered as per Industry criterion for Business Analyst in MS Excel training which would benefit fresher/Experienced to up-skill at Corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Professional & expert Sr. Lead Analyst / Technical Analyst Trainers With 10+ Years of working experience will deliver the workshop sessions.

Placement Assistance

When 70% of Advanced Excel will be completed of learners then devoted placement team will start to process of scheduling your interviews.

LAB Facility

Expand your proficiency with extreme aligned of Corporate with set of technical test series with practical session to glaze your potential.

Workshop Sessions

Learners will grasp real time & practical training sessions with thorough case studies & workshops at SLA Noida

Admin Support

Will get 7 Days assistance for upcoming batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange or ask to arrange a backup or dout sessions

The concept of POWER BI is a business analytics profile that is provided by Microsoft. Can you imagine the beauty in a situation where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves without the input of the information technology staff/database administrators in the organization? That is the real scenario that is created through any involvement in Microsoft Power BI Training Course in Noida. We are all aware of the important role that data plays in the survival of any company; a situation where expertise is given to staffs outside the ICT department will be a welcome development.

SLA Consultants Noida offers Microsoft Power BI Training Course designed from experts who have relevant experience in their respective field. Going into Power BI Training Course that has to do with analyze in excel is never a waste of time but an excellent idea for a smart business executive to monitor and control their data against the harsh realities that befall data in the cloud. This is a perfect way to bridge the gap between data sets as well as reports that connect directly to analytics services multidimensional/Analysis Services Tabular. This course of study will bring out data models through model measures that which is useful for effectiveness for any business setup that wants to remain competitive in this digital world of business that we find ourselves.

The above concept is created using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). SLA Consultants Noida gives training of getting the issues of effective coordination of data in place in the workplace. Issues that have to do with improper use of data that makes some business operate below their capacity will be effectively put in check; there will be free flow in the business line of operations. This is the ideal situation that business executives need which will make them go to sleep with both eyes closed with the belief that all is well with the effective coordination of their data.

Microsoft Power BI Training Course offered by SLA Consultants Noida will open a new lease of life to business setups that want to spread expertise of a very sensitive aspect of their business operations (data coordination) across the board. Microsoft Power BI Training Course is a must for any organization that wants to compete at the very top because it provides an enabling environment that will make a smooth flow in business operations a practical reality.

SLA Consultants Noida is a training institute that will guarantee you the best option is one that has the capacity both in terms of equipment and manpower to deliver industry based conditions in the classroom to their students. Microsoft Power BI Training Course is given in modules so that it give enough chance to the learners to acquire every element of Power BI techniques. It covers Introduction to Power BI, Reports Creation, Report Visualization, Drill-down Reports & Power Query, etc. SLA Consultants Noida gives the Power BI Training is based on real-time projects. It gives the best training to the learners that will effectively position them well to fit into the industrial setting. SLA Consultants has a high technical infrastructure as well as excellent lab facilities. It helps students to avail the benefits of lab facilities and gain access to every necessary mechanism significant for the training. Corporations will also get exactly what they needed to move position their business ahead of their competitors. The best that is there on offer in this course of study is target based. It is never a general norm. The topics that are taught in this Microsoft Power bi training course are all-inclusive.

SLA Consultants Noida gives Microsoft Power BI Training Course from experts based on real-time learning in the classroom sessions with a desktop or web-based training embraces with demonstrations, assignments, and presentations. This will facilitate easy learning in the classrooms. Taking it further, there should be live training programs which must be based on live industry projects. SLA Consultants Noida gives the best practical knowledge from the instructors are the ones that have practical experiences in the field. SLA Consultants Noida offers job oriented corporate based MS Power BI Training Course is tailored towards giving you the best that you are entitled to which will adequately prepare you for the challenges that you are going to face when you step out into the industry.

The effective management of data is the only way for companies to make the gains in this every changing world of digital business. Smart business executives are looking for experts in the field that will help coordinate their data in an effective manner that will guarantee the results that will make their brand competitive in the labor market.

There are little jobs around and many candidates chasing the available spots. In the same token, there are sensitive jobs that are in need of the professionals to man the available positions. In this regard, this course of study falls within the area of specialization that needs the hands that will manage it. So if you take it upon yourself to get certified through this course, you will be a hot cake in the labor market.

When the employers of labor in any interview notice your certification, they will take a special interest in you and place your candidacy ahead of the rest. Getting the job will, therefore, be easy ahead of all the other contenders that are not certified because the employers will see your candidacy as an asset to their business line of actions.

While others are searching for a job, it will be the other way around for you because the job will rather search for your expertise because the issue of effective management of data is a must for any establishment that is expanding and which wants to sustain the tempo of their growth. Companies are having a shift from overall dependence on the ICT department on the effective management of their data. They want to spread across because it will be in their overall best interests.

Everybody desires a well-paid job but it is only meant for the few that has what it takes in terms of professional qualifications to handle such jobs. So when you partake in this course, you are building a platform that will ensure that you are ranked among the highest paid pros in the sector. Aside from this, the vacancies will be chasing you and not you chasing the vacancy.

Engaging in Power BI Training will make you the beautiful bride that is sought by eligible suitors. If you are currently engaged in employment for instance and you decide to take this course of study and become certified; immediately this reflects in your CV; your employer will notice it and give you a salary increase.

The offers will come with a fantastic salary that will by far be more than what you are earning in your present employment. We can go on with several references that show that Power BI Training Course of study is indeed something you should consider if you want the fast upgrade in your work.

Course Duration: 20 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers (Microsoft Power BI) for Modules – Weekdays / Weekend

SLA Consultants Noida – Microsoft Power BI Practical Training Delivery Method:

  • Web / Desktop Base.
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
  • Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
  • Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.
NOTE: Classes are also Available on Module Basis

Microsoft (MS) Power BI Programme Modules

Microsoft Power BI

A Quick Introduction
  • What is MSPBI and its scope
  • Learn the common work flow in MSPBI
  • Building blocks of MSPBI and its relations
  • Quick demo how to create a business dashboard in MSPBI
  • MSPBI components
  • Old vs. new technologies
  • Power BI Desktop/Service/Mobile
Getting Business Data
  • Get data in shape for use with MSPBI
  • Combining two or more data sets (source data) for reporting
  • Tackling messy data in MSPBI
  • Clean and transform data
Modelling in Power BI
  • How to connect many different data sources
  • Manage data source (database) relationships
  • Unique keys
  • Calculated columns and more
  • Custom calculations to evaluate time-based functions
  • Build calculated tables based on DAX formulas and expressions
  • Creating and viewing visuals easier with optimized models
  • Discover hierarchal drill-down tools for date fields
Data Visualization
  • Create and customize visualization in MSPBI and its power
  • Use combination charts
  • Create and format slicers with it
  • Map visualizations and its utilization
  • Use tables and matrixes
  • Long live bubbles
  • scatter charts in action
  • Advanced funnel and waterfall charts
  • Drive fast dashboard insights with gauges and numbers
  • Color your visualization world with colors
  • shapes and scales
  • Adding personal touch
  • logo etc. to reports and dashboards
  • Display and present your dashboard in a way you want with summarize data
  • Control how your report elements overlap with each other
  • Learn to drill into hierarchies
  • Manage how levels are shared (Z-order in reports)
  • How to use R visuals in MSPBI
Data Exploring & Sharing
  • Quick insights in Power BI Service
  • Create and configure a dashboard
  • Share dashboard with your organization
  • Display and edit visuals- tiles
  • full screen
  • Get more space on your dashboard
  • Install and configure a personal gateway
  • Excel and MSPBI
  • Import and excel table into Power BI
  • Import excel files with data models and power view sheets
  • Connect One Drive for business to MSPBI
  • Excel data in Power BI summary
DAX (Data Analysis Expression) Application
  • DAX and its basic building blocks
  • Create calculated columns (fields) and measures in MSPBI using DAX formulas
  • Breadth of functions available in DAX
  • User variables in DAX
  • Create expressions across multiple tables with relational functions;
  • Filter and evaluate tables using advanced table functions

Find the Microsoft Power BI Course Duration Details below.

Duration of Module

MS Power BI Course Module Course Duration
Microsoft Power BI 20 (Hours)

Batch Timings

MS Power BI Course Schedule Course Timing
Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Monday to Friday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Monday to Friday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Monday to Friday 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Saturday/Sunday 8:00 | 12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00
Sunday 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Sunday 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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Rahul Pal

From my point of view, I’ll strongly recommend SLA Consultants, Training Institute for Analyst courses. I am pursuing my Data Analyst Course from the institute under the guidance & knowledge of Data Analyst trainers, my two modules (Advance Excel and VBA) of the course has been completed. I must say, they have good training faculty, as well as have the great infrastructure for learning and practicing.

SLA Consultants Noida Reviews
Rahul Pal

Rohit Bhagat

I strongly recommend SLA Consultants – Training Institute for doing courses. I am pursuing my Data Analyst course in SLA Institute, Head Office, till now my two modules(Advanced Excel and VBA) have been completed. Its been good experience with a trainer, as they shared me a lot of knowledge in brief. At institute the trainers and admin staff is good.

SLA Consultants India Reviews
Rohit Bhagat

Deepak Sharma

I have completed Advanced Excel & Visual Basic Automation training course from SLA Consultants. I had amazing experience after completion of training program and I would like to say thanks to the trainer, who elaborate solution for all the problems very quickly at the same time with very easy Technic to better understanding. Trainers are very kind and helpful. I would like to rank him 5 out of 5. I am so much obliged and feeling grateful, thanks a ton for the great support by trainers and thank you SLA Consultants.

SLA Consultants Noida Reviews
Deepak Sharma
MIS & Data Analyst Executive

Amit Kumar

I hope, my review may help to those who are searching for an institution where they can enhance their skills and get a placement as well. I have joined SLA Consultants for complete MIS course, my trainer is one of the best teacher of my life. Who are searching for an institute joined it immediately without hassle & wasting your time. Trainer will teach you both theoretical as well as practical knowledge, also prepare you for interviews. The best thing about trainer is that they help you even after you completion of your course, share queries on e-mail or Whats-App your query and you will get your problem resolved. My over all experience was awesome.

SLA Consultants Noida-Reviews
Amit Kumar
MIS & Data Analyst Executive

Vinay Tiwari

My experience in SLA is quite well.I have taken classes for both modules Advance Excel and VBA Macros. Whenever I raised for any doubt and to be honest my all queries and doubt were sorted out patiently. I must say my trainer was quite supportive and patiently explained everything. Even though I have taken classes on weekend basis, but never feel like that the course is running or missing anywhere. And now I am too confident about Excel and VBA after completion of training under expert trainers. I will always recommend everyone to Join SLA Consultants if they are interested in MIS and RPA etc..

SLA Consultants Noida Reviews
Vinay Tiwari
MIS & Data Analyst

Abhishek Bharti

I have great experience in SLA Consultants for Excel and VBA Macros with expert trainers.

SlLA Consultants Noida Reviews
Abhishek Bharti
MIS Executive

Hemant Harshwal

I have joined SLA Consultants for Advanced Excel and VBA. Have gone through no. of classes and got good knowledge about Excel and VBA. Our trainer was very supportive and patiently explains every thing. He is very cooperative apart of training he also suggest regarding our career.

SLA Consultants Noida Reviews
Hemant Harshwal
Data Analyst

Himanshu Nautiyal

I have done MIS & VBA course form SLA Consultants under the guidance of Anoop Sir, he has a very good knowledge & experience. He is a professional Trainer & his way of teaching is very good. It is great experience for me to grow with my skill & work efficiency. It is very good Platform who wants to build-up their career in MIS. Also thanks to Swati Mam for Co-ordinate with us and help me to find a good platform.

Himanshu Nautiyal
Fortune Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

I’ve joined SLA Consultants for Advance excel and VBA It helps me to move my career. Especially Anoop Sir is very good teacher and his teaching style is awesome. One thing I want to tell you about new joiners who has no experience in Industry, they can build-up their career platform through SLA Consultants.

Rajesh Pratap Singh
Rajesh Pratap Singh

Rahul Kumar

I have done MIS & VBA Training form SLA Consultants under the guidance of MR. ANOOP YADAV, he has a very good knowledge & experience in Corporate & MNC. He is professional Trainer & his way of teaching is as per the corporate requirement. I’d great experience for me to grow my skill & work efficiency. It is very good pelt from who wants to build-up their career in MIS.

Rahul-Kumar - SLA Students
Rahul Kumar

Neeraj Gupta

SLA Consultants is too good & very helpful. If u want to achieve something in your life so please join today SLA Consultants. Especially I would like to thank Swati Mam, Anoop Sir.

Neeraj-Gupta - SLA Students
Neeraj Gupta
MIS Executive at Shriram Automall India Ltd

Archit Khandelwal

Thanks to SLA consultants for giving me such type of opportunity, Great Institute with great teaching faculty. SLA is one of the class-apart institutions for those who learn something. I got a job in Fortune marketing Pvt Ltd as MIS Executive. SLA give me the confidence of ” I CAN “

Archit-Khandelwal - SLA Students
Archit Khandelwal
MIS Executive at Fortune Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Anil Kumar

It was one of the best decisions to join SLA consultants for my course. The course that I pursued here was very well planned and executed. I’m highly satisfied with Anoop Sir. The lectures were easy to understand & industrial based & every doubt of mine was properly explained. I would recommend SLA consultants to all those who are willing to grow in their careers and do well.

Anil - SLA Students
Anil Kumar
MIS Coordinator at IQOR

Kumar Gautam

I joined MIS/VBA training at SLA. This type of practical oriented classroom training is very helpful  & who’ll follow Anoop sir classes with this approach ensures that they will learn completely about subject in short period of time. “SLA Consultants” is the best for learning job-oriented classroom programs. Thanks to Anoop sir and Swati for the best placement support.

Gautam-Kumar_MIS - SLA Students
Kumar Gautam
MIS Coordinator at IQOR

Ummed Ali

SLA Consultants is better institute to learn practical training courses than any others. it provides the best training to their students. The teaching staff is very knowledgeable especially Anoop Sir for MIS and VBA courses. I learned a lot there and better career path.

Ummed-Ali-MIS - SLA Students
Ummed Ali
MIS Executive at Evaxo pharma Pvt. Ltd

Bhavani Singh

The experience with SLA was phenomenal. It trained me to become industry ready and exposed me to various important work practices. The staff is extremely cordial and cooperative. The faculty members are the experienced and experts in the subjects taught by them. I thank SLA for the quality services and placement assistance provided by them.

Bhavani-Singh - SLA Students
Bhavani Singh
MIS Executive at G.D. FOODS MFG. (I) PVT LTD.

Anil Kumar Pal

Thanks to SLA consultants, my company values me a lot. I can churn out data from a huge database within a few minutes and keep the management happy. The ever cooperative trainers of SLA have made me capable of doing that and I will be grateful to them.

Anil-Kumar-pal - SLA Students
Anil Kumar Pal
MIS Executive at Recharge it Now

Priyanka Tiwari

I did not know what to do in life. Then I saw the ad of SLA Consultants. After getting knowledge of all their course offerings, I selected MIS and loved it from the start. Thank you for making my career and helping me get a good life SLA.

Priyanka - SLA Students
Priyanka Tiwari
MIS Executive at Concepts & Solutions

Santosh Kumar

When I joined, I didn’t have a clue about MIS Management and now my friends call me an expert of MIS. All thanks to SLA Consultants who filled me with great knowledge and software training without charging a lot of money.

Santosh-Kumar - SLA Students
Santosh Kumar
MIS Executive at Jai Shree Stationers Pvt. Ltd.

Kapil Negi

Data Management has always attracted me. SLA Consultants turned this hobby in a professional skill by teaching me all about MIS Management. I got a good job now and I am very happy with my life.

Kapil-negi - SLA Students
Kapil Negi
MIS Executive at Genpect

Aditya Pratap

I’ve completed the MIS training from SLA Consultants and now I believe that SLA provides excellent & quality training. I got placed in a reputed company with complete placement support provided the SLA placement team.

Aditya - SLA Students
Aditya Pratap
MIS Executive at CS Datamation Research Services Pvt Ltd


The team of trainers working with SLA is amazing. The support staff is always there to help and Arbind Sir was a great guide. I will never forget my time at SLA and I thank them for the job they helped me get after I completed my course.

avinash - SLA Students
MIS Executive at Serco Global Services

Tegbahadur Singh

My love for Data Management was turned into a career opportunity by SLA Consultants. They helped me learn all latest MIS software and made me a champion of Data Management. I have a great career path thanks to the SLA Team.

Tegbahadur-Singh - SLA Students
Tegbahadur Singh
MIS Executive at Renovision Automation

Sushil kumar yadav

Thanks to SLA consultants, my company values me a lot. I can churn out data from a huge database within a few minutes and keep the management happy. The ever cooperative trainers of SLA have made me capable of doing that and I will be grateful to them.

Sushil-kumar-yadav - SLA Students
Sushil kumar yadav
MIS Executive at Bharti Infratel

Rajbir Sharma

SLA Consultants played the role of a friend, philosopher and guide in my career. They helped me learn complex software and complicated terminologies in such a manner that I now excel at MIS Management. I also love the job they have helped me get.

Rajbirsharma - SLA Students
Rajbir Sharma
Sr. MIS Executive at Computer Junction Pvt. Ltd.

Pawan Gupta

I think SLA Consultants is the best place for skill development. They made me a professional from a fresher and I have seen them do the same for hundreds of students. I highly recommend them to very student or professional seeking career growth.

Pawangupta - SLA Students
Pawan Gupta
MIS Executive - Rosmerta Technology Ltd.

Anand Kumar Jha

My love for Data Management was turned into a career opportunity by SLA Consultants. They helped me learn all latest MIS software and made me a champion of Data Management. I have a great career path thanks to the SLA Team.

Anand-Kumar-jha - SLA Students
Anand Kumar Jha
MIS Executive - Rosmerta Technology Ltd.

Nazia Praveen

From the first day I entered the office of SLA Consultants, they helped me. I completed the admission process swiftly and started learning MIS whenever it was convenient. Now I am working in a full time job that’s not hectic but enjoyable.

Nazia-Parveen - SLA Students
Nazia Praveen
MIS Executive - Globalite Retails Pvt Ltd

Hariom Agarwal

The staff, trainers, and management of SLA Consultants is great. These people really help freshers like me to get a good job. They have changed thousands of lives and I am happy to say that mine was also changed by them. So thank you.

hariom - SLA Students
Hariom Agarwal
MIS Executive - Globalite Retails Pvt Ltd

Indresh Kumar

I didn’t know anything about MIS management when I joined SLA Consultants. They helped me to learn the craft of managing, sorting and presenting data and now I am a valuable asset in my company. Thank You, SLA Consultants. I will always be grateful to you.

Indresh-Kumar - SLA Students
Indresh Kumar
MIS Executive - Recharge it Now

Md Sadik

SLA Consultants played the role of a friend, philosopher and guide in my career. They helped me learn complex software and complicated terminologies in such a manner that I now excel at MIS Management. I also love the job they have helped me get.

MD-Sadik - SLA Students
Md Sadik
MIS Executive at Evaxo Pharma Pvt. Ltd.