Best GST Course by CA, GST Practitioner Classes “SLA Institute, Noida”

GST - On the Hoizon Common Market
of Goods & Services
Easy Compliance
Lower Tax Input
Uniform Regime
of Taxes
Replaces Multiple States
& Central States
Widened Tax Base with
No Cascading Taxes
GST - Goods & Services Tax Training in Noida

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Best GST Training in Noida


Certification will be delivered as per Industry criterion for GST-Goods & Services Tax training which would benefit fresher/Experienced to up-skill at Corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Professional & expert CA/FCA Trainers for compliance training and online e-filing With 10+ Years of working experience will deliver the workshop sessions.

Placement Assistance

When 70% of training will be completed of learners then devoted placement team will start to process of scheduling your interviews.

LAB Facility

Expand your proficiency with extreme aligned of Corporate with set of technical test series with practical session to glaze your potential.

Workshop Sessions

Learners will grasp real time & practical training sessions with thorough case studies & workshops at SLA Noida

Admin Support

Will get 7 Days assistance for upcoming batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange or ask to arrange a backup or doubt sessions

The average salary of a tax consultant in India is increasing at a rate that shows no signs of dropping from the rooftop. This goes to show that there will be an upward demand for professionals with the knowledge of GST and Income tax in the industry. Therefore, candidates with specialization in these areas will easily get the well-paid jobs that are the dream of many applicants today. Talking about the job growth as well as the job security for in the field of Taxation/Finance sector, it presents a very bright picture for professionals in the sector and that is the reason why getting certified in the Taxation/Finance field is something that is worth all the investments put into it. SLA Consultants Noida is an ISO 9001 certified Training Institute that offers technical and non-technical training from more than ten years.

SLA designed GST Training Program comprehensively both for fresher and working professionals to acquire every constituent of Goods and Service Tax. GST is mandatory to be followed in organizations whether small or big and need to be maintained by Accountants or Taxation Specialists or Chartered Accountants. There is a huge demand in the market for professionals who are experts in GST laws and regulations. The certification training in GST by SLA Consultants Noida will certainly help learners to grab or enhance their career in finance or accountancy. The objective of this course is to help candidates gain the ability to calculate income tax and goods and service tax in any organization that they find themselves no matter how big or small the size of the organization.

When leaners want to enroll for GST Training Course, it should be with the SLA Consultants Noida that has all the qualifications that matter in the notch. The involvement should include experts who are corporate Chartered Accountants plus the inclusion of other professionals that matter in the field. The current requirements in the market should be thoroughly examined and the latest developments in GST and in the income tax field. For those that desire to push forward their knowledge of accounting with the sole aim of becoming a tax consultant who will have no difficulty performing the task of a professional tax consultant. If you are already a professional and you want to add to your skills and knowledge (the situation in the sector changes with time), then you will find this course of study useful and helpful. Several examinations will be taken during the course of training to determine the ability of each candidate as the course progresses.

SLA Consultants Noida offers GST Training Course in modules that comprise of basics of model GST law, GST migration and Registration with GST formats and rules, Returns, Refunds, Input Tax Credit with GST rules, Electronic Commerce in GST, Job work & Composition Levy, Government to Roll out E-way bill, Model IGST law, GSTR-9 Annual Return and many more. SLA Consultants Noida gives training by qualified and highly intelligent instructors. They will deliver the best admin support that learners will need to get the best out of the training schedule. There should be live training sessions which are under the direct supervision of the experts.

The presence of practical training sessions is also a must. There should be a module custom made for every student. With the digital age that we are into, you should be able to dictate your own time table to the institute and they, in turn, should have the capacity to accommodate your demand. SLA Consultants Noida gives handouts which learners will need to get a better understanding of the concept of the course. It also organizes workshops for their students where they will be introduced to industry situations. SLA has experts with practical knowledge of the job in their pool to get industry related solutions that you will need to excel on the job. There are assured placement assistance with interview at the end of the training. SLA Consultants Noida gives certification at the end of the training that you will need to become a competent professional.

The situation in the job market is getting increasingly tougher with the dawn of each day of the week. This is so because there are fewer jobs and the number of applicants far exceeds the available jobs on hand.

In the present scenario, applicants go cap in hand looking for jobs that are nonexistent in the first place. But for those who have decided to take the path of increasing their profile by learning what it takes to be an expert in goods and service tax and income tax, they will become best hires for the organizations chasing around to help out with their tax-related issues.

This is a perfect way to increase the income that you are entitled to as an employee. Every employer of labor will court your services and you will find yourself in an economic position whereby you will be dictating the course of your employment rather than the employers dictating the pace.

The benefits are that huge and awesome. Getting the best possible skills as per the requirements in the industry will place any professional in an advantage when it comes to getting the jobs that are increasing in number with fewer experts to handle the ever-increasing vacancies that are coming up with each passing day of the week.

Course Duration: 50 – 60 (Hours) with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainer

2-3 CA Expert Trainers – Only Weekend Sessions

SLA Consultants Noida – GST in the Practical Training & Delivery Method:

  • Web / Desktop Base.
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
  • Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
  • Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.

GST-Goods & Services Tax Training Course Programme Modules

Gst-(Goods & Services Tax) Training Modules

Module 1.1 - Basic of GST Overview of Model GST Law
Module 1.2 – E-GST Registration with GST Rules & Formats
Module 1.3- Levy and Collection with TOS (Section 7 ,8 and 9 with GST SCH-I,II and III)
Module 1.4- Input Tax Credit - Section 16-21 with GST Rules
Module 1.5 - Electronic Commerce in GST – Section 52
Module 1.6 - Job Work & Composition Levy in GST
Module 1.7- Returns Under GST Section (37-48) with GST Rules & Formats
Module 1.8 - Government to Roll out E-way Bill
Module 1.9 - IGST LAW
Module 1.10- Refunds – Section 54-58 with GST Rules
Module 1.11 - GST Annual Return

Find the course details below.

Duration of Module

GST Course Module GST Course Duration
Module 1.1 – 1.10 50 – 60 (Hours)

Batch Timings

GST Course Schedule GST Batch Timing
Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Monday to Friday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Monday to Friday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Monday to Friday 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Saturday/Sunday 8:00 | 12:00 | 2:00 | 4:00
Sunday 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Sunday 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


What is the qualification for this training?
Do I get practical training for GST?
Do I get valid certification from the institute?
How do l get the job placement?
Is there any short cut for working professionals?
Whom I Contact to join or Where is the Location?
How much is the salary?


Ekta Sharma

It has been a good experience for me to take a professional training from SLA. I have taken the GST classes. If I talk about its placement, it is also good. The package depends on your academic performance and your interview.

SLA Consultants Noida-Testimonial
Ekta Sharma
Accountant Executive-Onextel Media Pvt Ltd

Manish Gupta

I Joined SLA Consultants for learning GST & ITR training and my experience was very good with the institute and also they helped me to get better placement and now I am working as Accounts Executive.

SLA Consultants Noida-Testimonial
Manish Gupta
Accountant Executive-Mituj Marketing Pvt Ltd

Ishav Rana

SLA Consultants is one of the best place of knowledge and obtain training. I’ve completed my tally, TDS & GST Classes from the best teachers available with the institution.

Ishav Rana
Osource India Pvt.

Ashish Tiwari

All trainers and staff are so good especially want to say thanks to Swati Ma’am, She always Co -operates me.

Ashish-Tiwari - SLA Students
Ashish Tiwari
Accounts Executive at Millennium Automation

Manisha Singh

Well, I take the practical training in Accounts, & GST is going. Guys, if you want to learn and enhance your skills, so it is a good institute for build or making your resume well versed in the global market.

Manisha - SLA Students
Manisha Singh
Accounts Executive at Sevenseas

Kedar Pradhan

I joined MIS/VBA training at SLA Consultants. This type of practical oriented classroom training is very helpful for everybody and who will follows Anoop sir classes with practical orientation approach regularly. Finally in my words “SLA Consultants” is the best for learning professional or job oriented classroom programs.

Kadar-Pradhan_Accounts - SLA Students
Kedar Pradhan
Accounts Executive at Aircel

Deepak Sharma

There are a lot of fake training institutes in Delhi but SLA Consultants is not one of them. SLA Consultants is a reliable institute that has a great team and awesome trainers who helped me settle in life by allowing me to work for the reputed Taj Group.

deepak-sharma - SLA Students
Deepak Sharma
Accounts Executive at Redstar Group

Brijendra PATHAK

SLA Consultants has excellent trainers who are not just concentrated on finishing a class. They really helped me learn new things and were patient when I made mistakes. Thanks to the trainers I have got a job I love and I am good at it too.

Brijendra - SLA Students
Brijendra Pathak
Accounts Executive at Vian Healthcare Products

Manikant Jha

SLA Consultants is a boon to all the freshers who are not getting any good jobs. They trained me as an Accounts Executive by using interesting and innovative teaching methodologies. They also helped me get a job when I was in the last leg of the course which was really a pleasant surprise for me.

Manikant Jha - SLA Students
Manikant Jha
Accounts Executive at Mituj Marketing


The team of trainers working with SLA is amazing. The support staff is always there to help and Arbind Sir was a great guide. I will never forget my time at SLA and I thank them for the job they helped me get after I completed my course.

Yawar-Malik - SLA Students
Accounts Executives at Menlo Logistic

Ibadat Hussain

I want to tell you all that SLA Consultants had made my life. I was just a graduate with not so good marks when I came to them. They trained me, helped me learn and now I am a successful Accounts Executive. I hope you enjoy the Accounting Course as much as I did.

Ibadat - SLA Students
Ibadat Hussain
Accounts Executive at Absolut Info System Pvt Ltd


SLA Consultants is a name every new student or eager professional should trust. They helped me make a career switch and helped me land a job while I was about to complete the course. Their placement team is really efficient.

Anshuman - SLA Students
Accounts Executive at Serco Global Services

Ashutosh Saini

After I completed my schooling, I had no idea about what should I do. Then a friend told me about SLA and that was that. They helped me become a number wizard and taught me everything about Accounting which helped me get a good job at a place near my house and has made my life.

Ashutosh-Saini - SLA Students
Ashutosh Saini
Accounts Executive at Sethi Group

Ashwani Tripathi

My career path seemed to be stuck at the same place for months. So when I approached SLA Consultants. They trained me so well in Accounts that I got a senior position I always wished for and the bonus is that I love my job because I am so good at it.

Ashwani-Tripathi - SLA Students
Ashwani Tripathi
Accounts-AM at Rosmerta Technology Ltd.

Satendra Sharma

I did not have any idea what I will do in life. SLA Consultants gave direction to my life by recognizing my skills with numbers and training me as an Accounts Executive. I have a stable job now thanks to teaming SLA and I am getting better at my job every day due to the amazing training they provided me.

Satendra-Sharma - SLA Students
Satendra Sharma
Accounts Executive at Development Alternatives

Prafull Jha

None of my batch mates had a good job and I was worried sick over my career. SLA Consultants came as a ray of hope for me. They honed my accounting knowledge and helped me get a good job. I was the first among my batch mates to get a job and I am very happy with SLA team.

Prafull-Jha - SLA Students
Prafull Jha
Accounts Executive at Akash Fashion

Abhishek Pandey

SLA Consultants is a great place for young students who want a job without spending a lot of money. I have learnt a lot there and they helped me get a stable job in a company of my choice. I will forever be thankful to them for guiding me towards a great career path and helping me make a good life for myself.

Abhishek-pandey - SLA Students
Abhishek Pandey
Accounts Executive at Vian Healthcare Products